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As a manufacturer of rain barrels since 2000, RTS Home Accents has expanded its product line to include above and below ground rainwater collecting systems, compost systems and a variety of outdoor home decor accessories.


Rainwater Collection

Embrace nature’s solution to our emerging water shortage and explore all the opportunities that fresh, soft, and free rainwater has to offer!  The RTS Rain Barrel has many unique features including: a flat back to sit flush against a wall, linkable to other rain barrels for increased capacity, screen to keep out debris and insects and a shut off valve for hose hook-up with dual overflow!


Tired of worrying about whether or not your recent online purchase will be there when you get home, or getting packages sent to your work? New from RTS Home Accents, the ParcelWirx courier dropbox allows for peace of mind that your purchases are secure and protected from the elements.

Custom Length Benches

Create the perfect little sitting area with one of our DIY Bench Ends. Our Benches products are sure to enhance any outdoor living space and add a finishing touch to your design.


RTS Landscape Rocks are rotomolded plastic rocks that replicate the natural look, texture and color of real Armor Stone. They are the perfect solution for landscaping without heavy lifting or equipment. Durable and able to remain outside all year long without rotting or fading, you can also flip the rock, fill with water or sand, place it in the desired spot and landscape around it. Use our Rock Lock to create beautiful raised garden beds or design stunning landscape borders. 



RTS offers a variety of chic and trendy gardening products that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Looking for a planter or a live wall? We have a wide array of home gardening products that are sure to add a gorgeous living accent piece to your space.

Cleaning Supplies

RTS All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes are super soft, biodegradable wipes designed to clean hard surfaces. These pre-moistened cleaning wipes are made from spunlace rayon, a non-woven biodegradable material made from bamboo pulp. Spunlace rayon is softer and more absorbent than traditional cleaning wipes while being more sustainable for the environment. 


Canada Office

1027 Industrial Place

St. Clements, Ontario


Tel: 800-663-2803

Fax: 519-699-0027

USA Office

2900 Industrial Park Drive,

Austinburg, OH


Tel: 888-641-3077

Fax: 440-275-3080


For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: 800-663-2803 (Canada) 888-641-3077 (USA) or fill out the following form

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